Monday, August 11, 2014

Our latest Prayer Update

Back to Bucharest!

In answer to many prayers over the last year we are delighted to announce that we all have tickets and passports in hand to return to Romania August 25th!  We are in the midst of packing, last-minute experiences for the kids, and preparing to say good goodbyes.  While the wait has felt long at times, looking back we are amazed by the many opportunities the Lord gave us in the last year for growth, training, partnership development, and family.

Summer Update
God worked in a wonderful way over the summer as we met with individuals and churches to share the ministry God has given us.  We spent the last two months in Michigan and were overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of our church family there.  We had the privilege of sharing with the kids at the South Church VBS in June where we spent 5 days sharing about Romania, why we should all care about missions, how someone becomes a missionary, and how we are encouraging Romanians to become missionaries.   It is our prayer that some of the 300 children we spoke to will one day become missionaries themselves.

September Birthday
Next month Bucharest celebrates its 555th anniversary! We love our city and desire to see God’s Kingdom bringing transformation to the 3 million residents. Here’s how you can be involved! Together with our city team we’re asking God to raise up 555 people to pray for Bucharest each day of September. We know that the foundation of revival is prayer, and are convinced our prayers will bring hope and new life to this needy city. 
Our team’s goal of 555 intercessors is ambitious and will require a lot of help. We are eager for you to pray with us and ask you to invite others to pray.
If you will be one of the 555, please send a quick reply to let us know and you’ll receive our calendar with prayer points for each day of the month.
Jeremiah 29:7a “Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you”
Bucharest's new 555 monument in Piata Victoriei.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Spring Update

In the interest of keeping in sequence, if not up-to-date, here is the prayer update we sent out this June...
In our last update we mentioned the rapid decline in the health of Joshua's father. On the morning of May 12th Raymond Dunckel met his Savior in heaven. We are so thankful he is no longer in pain and discomfort, that Joshua was able to say his goodbyes, and that we were in the States when it happened. We had already reserved housing to spend June and July in Michigan, which is another example of God's perfect timing this year. This enables us to be near Joshua's mother as she begins the next season of her life.

 When we left Bucharest last summer the ReachGlobal team was launching a refuge for trafficked women in Bucharest. When we joined the ReachGlobal team this year we were excited for the opportunity for Kara to become involved in this ministry upon our return. Since we have been in the U. S. the shelter has grown in its impact and scope. Last month its director was recognized by the U. S. government for its work in combating human trafficking! In the words of our team leader...

 "Each year the US government chooses 10 heroes worldwide to recognize for their accomplishments in the battle against human trafficking. This year Monica Boseff, our director at Open Door Shelter was chosen! Joe Biden was in Bucharest last week and gave Moni the award. She insisted on receiving it in the name of all our staff at the clinic. She had the opportunity to spend an hour with Jill Biden and introduce her to three of the young ladies living at the shelter. Everyone was in tears as they talked of their past and God's amazing work in their lives. Later at the ceremony, Moni explained that these young women are the true heroes, fighting to overcome the trauma of their past to reintegrate as healthy members of Romanian society. We are thrilled to see signs of blossoming spirituality in the life of our beneficiaries." 

 Coming up... 

 We have settled into the South Church mission house in Lansing for the next several weeks. We'll be working on partnership development with churches and individuals. Please be in prayer for a few key meetings with churches this month as we recruit new ministry partners. In the middle of the month Joshua will be heading back to Minnesota for a week of training in "Multiplying Churches Globally." This is the last training session on the schedule before we leave for Romania. When this is completed we have only to wait on God to provide the funding we need to return. We are currently at 83% of our monthly support requirement. It is exciting to be getting closer to the finish line, passing milestones along the way back to Romania. Anders sat still for his first passport photo last week and soon will officially have the cutest passport in the family.

 June launches the VBS season and we are honored to be the Vacation Bible School missionaries for South Church. We'll have opportunities each day to share with the children why missions is important and how they can pray for Romania. Since we are living next door, it will be both fun and convenient. Thank you for your prayers for our family and our ministry. This has been a year in which we have seen God at work more clearly than ever before, and this is a result of united prayer on our behalf.

 Grace & Peace,
Joshua & Kara Dunckel (and Noemi, Isobel & Anders, too!)