Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not too busy to blog!

I'm so sorry I have not been faithful about posting lately. There have been so many moments, events and days that I was eager to write about but never found the time to sit down and put them into words. I'll try to touch on the major highlights of our last few weeks.

Hristos a inviat! Christ is Risen!
We enjoyed celebrating our first Easter in Romania. I appreciate how Christ centered the Easter traditions are here. It is also interesting that Easter is a more important holiday than Christmas here. We watched the city shut down for two days to celebrate.

In order to lengthen our legal stay in the country until our visa papers were processed we needed to travel outside Romanian this month. We chose a quick and easy trip across the border to the town of Rousse,Bulgaria. We enjoyed the family time and the girls enjoyed exploring ancient
castle ruins and riding the train.

A Church Home!

Almost three weeks ago we decided to settle down at a Baptist church in our neighborhood. Since then we have seen the start of many new friendships and we are looking forward to watching them grow. As a PK whose church has always been the center of her social life, I'm pretty excited. There is even a children's program for Noemi to attend! I spend Sunday mornings up in the mothers' room with other mothers of wiggly babies. It is probably my best language learning opportunity of the whole week.

The church is strong and growing. It is easy to see and hear from people how God is at work there.

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