Friday, May 29, 2009

First Words

Isobel is nearing her second birthday (in August) and I'm eagerly waiting to hear her start using more words. She definitely isn't using the 20 words the average 18-month old is using or the 50 words a 2 year old should have. She communicates using the words 'mama', 'dada' and her own brute strength. I'm not worried about her speech delay yet because I consider it a matter of motivation. She can hoot like an owl, but doesn't say 'please'. Priorities, people, priorities.

Most of our lives are currently spent in language study, either formal or informal. Isobel is my little guinea pig. I find myself repeating every word or phrase when I'm talking to a baby, so with Isobel I just repeat what I've said in Romanian, if I know how. I get practice and she gets some language exposure. So yesterday when Isobel saw Noemi with water bottle and wanted a drink she said 'apa' (Romanian for water) instead of the usual point-and-yell technique. We were so proud! Her first complete word is a Romanian word.

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