Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer at the Seaside

Noemi has been talking about the beach since ... oh, about January. Oh, how she enjoyed Darlene's beach last summer! In an effort to redirect Noemi's attention from the unattainable I told her about Constanta, the Romanian city on the Black Sea. She had a personal connection to it because our friend/babysitter, Lumi, is from Constanta. When Lumi heard about Noemi's desire to see the beach she offered to show us around her hometown. Last weekend we took the train (5 hours each way multiplied by 2 small children = a million hours spent on the train) to Constanta and enjoyed a lovely weekend away, seeing another side of Romania. Luminita was a wonderful hostess and made sure we experienced the best of Constanta. Noemi enjoyed the beach and a dolphin show. Isobel enjoyed everything because life is just so exciting when you're almost 2.

Here's a glimpse of our weekend away. It's far more exciting that the scenes of our weekday life of nouns, verbs, adjectives, the conjunctive, the accusative .........

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