Sunday, June 28, 2009

Great Flood

So I took the girls for a walk this evening. It was a little warm, but not too sunny, so we went out to the playground by the ice cream stand. I looked at a big grey cloud in the distance and wondered which direction it was moving, then walked on. We were almost there when the heavens opened and poured forth rain. Sheets of it ... then blankets and comforters. We hid under a tree for a while before I decided that we couldn't possibly be any wetter if we were just walking home, so we headed out. The sidewalks were covered in water, several inches deep in some places. Noemi, shivering and running along side me commented, "I guess there's going to be another Flood after all." It was not a teachable moment to talk about God's faithfulness that never fails, etc, etc. It was time to run and run quickly to the sound of Isobel screaming. By time we crossed the street and reached the bridge by our house the rain had subsided to a gentle spring shower and there was a giant rainbow stretched across the sky. I'm sure God put it there just to remind Noemi that there will never be another Great Flood because He always keeps his promises.

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